Be Prepared: Items to carry

Tool kit – check what you need to remove every component of your bike. Multi-tools are compact, but may be fiddly to use on some repairs. Basics are…

  • Allen wrenches (1.5, 2. 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm)
  • Wrenches (8 and 10mm open end, Crescent)
  • Torx T25 wrench for disk brake rotor bolts – potentially other Torx wrenches for disk brake calipers and levers (Avid, Formula, etc.)
  • Chain breaking tool, PowerLink
  • Pliers – preferably the clamping type
  • Pump, tire levers, patch kit and spare tube
  • Screwdriver – flat or Phillips as required
  • Shock pump, special fork valve adapters if needed
  • Knife – preferably with saw and file blades too

Duct tape and/or electrical tape wrapped around seat post, not interfering with height adjustment.

Zip ties (various widths and lengths).

Food and water – energy bars, gels, trail mix, PB&J bagel – whatever you like to eat that has a lot of calories.

Emergency supplies – whistle, lighter, emergency blanket or strong 30 gallon trash bag.

First aid items and knowledge of how to use them.

Map and navigational aids (compass, GPS)

Waterproof coat – two coats can be used as a stretcher by turning the sleeves inside out and threading strong poles through the sleeves of both coats.