Fixing frame issues on the trail

Some frame breakages are pretty catastrophic. They tend to go along with major personal injury too. However, for more minor crashes there are ways of fixing the bike sufficiently to ride it out.

Dent in frame
Even the nastiest looking dents will normally hold together long enough to ride out.
Frame broken at weld
Clean snaps at the tube joints aren’t always the sign of defective manufacturing. Stress cracks can happen at any time. Learn how to lash the frame back together.
Frame broken along tube
If you managed to break your frame on a ride, it’s unlikely that you should continue riding from a physical perspective.
 Frame broken in rear triangle
The rear triangle (seat stays and chain stays) are the thinnest tubes, and often are subject to a lot of flexing even in normal riding.
Broken handlebar or seatpost
Handlebars and seat posts are just tubes. That means that if you can fill the two halves of the tube with something solid enough, the tube sections will slide together again.
 Handlebars not pointing in right direction
This typically happens after an “unplanned dismount”
Seat top comes loose from rails
Turn a pain in the ass into a comfy ride home.