The repairs described on this site are for emergency use only and should not be considered permanent. They assume that the reader possesses a basic understanding of mechanical components and competency with the use of tools.
Many of the described procedures create riding hazards. This may be because the repair requires one hand to be removed from the handlebars from time to time, or because the structural integrity of the bike is compromised. Ride slowly and dismount for technical sections.


Repair processes can be hazardous to health due to the danger of the operation or the chemicals involved. Follow sensible workshop health and safety practices and the precautions on chemical containers.


Some repairs can cause further damage. This may be because threads on components or frame may be stripped or burred, the frame may be abraded, broken components may be further damaged by continued use, may require elements of the bike to be cannibalized in order to continue riding, or other similar reasons.

Most repairs described on this site consider getting back to civilization to be more important than the cost of the bicycle parts involved, sometimes to the point of leaving the bike unrideable after the event. Fix your bike properly when you get to where you’re going.

Procedures described assume a modern, medium to high-end mountain bike. Some chain store bikes will have cheaper, less fixable components. Some older bikes will have different component designs than shown here. Check that your bike’s components are covered and that you have the necessary tools before you attempt to carry out a repair described on this site.

Procedures described are no substitute for good sense. Know where you are, and plan escape routes in advance. Know how to use a map and compass or GPS, learn first aid skills, and always travel within your abilities.

The author disclaims any responsibility for damage to people or property as a direct or indirect result of following the actual or implicit suggestions contained within this website.



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