Preventative maintenance

Stop little issues from becoming big issues by cleaning and maintaining your bike regularly.

Shifting adjustment

Prolong chain life, shift better, ride smoother all with the simple twist of a limit adjustment screw.

Chain repair

Learn how to brake and join a chain before you need to do it on the trail.

Brake alignment (rim)

You can wear through a tire sidewall or ruin your pads if your rim brakes are badly aligned.

Brake alignment (disk)

Disks can be noisy at the best of times. Misaligned brakes can squeeeeeel.

Puncture – regular tires

It’s a simple job, but it’s easy to mess up.

Puncture – tubeless tires

How did they get that tire on to that rim? Tubeless systems can be a pain; read how to re-seat your tire.

Clicks, creaks, rattles and grinds

Your riding buddies want to kill you, you can’t find the phantom noise, and you’re not sure whether the bike will hold together for another ride.

Wheel truing

Which way do you turn the spokes? Which do you tighten, which do you loosen? A quick, trailside guide.