Chris Nodder is a sometime mountain bike racer and has provided mechanical support for race teams at events such as the Sea Otter Classic, the NORBA series races in the USA, and the Hell of a Series marathon races and the Trans Rockies Challenge in British Columbia, Canada.
Having lived through the surprise of his handlebars snapping in mid-air when jumping, and after experiencing and dealing with numerous mechanicals both on the trail, during races and in the workshop, Chris has amassed a set of tips and tricks based on trial and error emergency repairs and a knowledge of how it should be done right.

The Boo Boos Book

Chris wrote a book describing how to fix many mechanical issues that happen on the trail. The book is sold online and in bike stores in the Pacific Northwest, but to reach a wider audience, he created this site. Enjoy!

Customer testimonials

“My husband is always crashing so I bought him your book as a joke – he loves it!”

Sections from this book have been featured on the Make magazine site.